Sunday, September 2, 2012

The past, the present, and the future.

Hey everyone! Here are some things we did this year that were super fun, and really awesome. Spring Break- 2012 for spring break this year we went to the Oregon Coast. It was mostly cold and wet, but everyone still loved it. We stayed in yurts for the first three nights, a cabin the fourth, and we decided to visit our old friends in Lewiston the last night. It was so fun. Some highlights of the trip include going to a light house, visiting an old museum that was all about old cargo ships,seeing seals that were less than 20 feet away, and getting to walk around and under some huge, magestic waterfalls!
A hilarious story, probably the funniest story of our trip, is one of a seven year old boy who loves the beach. The story procedes as the following. Landon, the youngest member of our family, loved walking along the beach. He, Braden, my dad and I would always go looking for seashells, usually after meals. We could go often in this one particular area because our yurt was right by the beach. So, one morning after we had all gotten ready for the day and showered, my little brothers, my dad and I all went down to the beach. While we were there we came up with a game called wait for the waves to come and then run out of their grasp. So while we were playing a particularly large wave came and Landon didn't know where to run. It was too fast. So what he did is climg onto a rock that stood one inch above the ground and wait for it to pass. Well he probably would have been ok if he hadn't decided to make a run for it at the last second. so, as you imagine, the wave knocked him down. As he was getting up another wave washed over him. In the end, my dad ran out to get him, for he could not help himself. It was sad because it was already cold in the morning and he had just gotten soaked! He was shivering as we all tried to hold in our laughter. I feel bad, but it was so funny! He showered and we made hot cocoa. What a morning that was!

Ready or not, hear I come!

Hey everybody! Sorry that this blog is outdated. That is about to change. The new publisher/writer of this blog is..... me, Weslie! My mother is way too busy to do it and I thought it would be a fun thing to do in my spare time. So if there is ever bad grammar, or spelling, it's because a teenager is in charge of the blog. Hope you enjoy hearing about the Pugh's because ready or not, here I come!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm going to try and keep up my blog again. It will not be easy but my desire and goal is to learn more about blogging! Anyone out there know much about blog graphics? I've been exploring many teacher blogs and feel terribly inadequate!! There are some seriously cute blogs out there. The Pugh Crew has been busy! Kendall has moved out of our home, Kaylee is graduating with her RN in Dec. AND getting married in August! AND I'm going full-time!! Many of you will understand the chaos within my heart as I enter this stage of life, many of you won't (bless you!). I will just post right now that I struggled oh so deeply to go to work full-time. My first and greatest love is to be home with my children. I'm seriously a happier individual when I am. I also am more creative and able to help others around me more. I will miss having the time to do these things but will plant my feet forward and go forth to do what I have received revelation to do. My new motto is "Be a better person today than you were yesterday!" So far, I'm gaining ground as I've learned so much the last several years from various struggles in my life. I'm so grateful for learning experiences. If my life had gone as I had planned it, I know I wouldn't be the kind of person I am today so... I'm grateful. For those of you out there who still check my blog, I hope you are finding the same growth.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A return to old values...

I haven't been on the blog for ages. I know how much I enjoy reading about my family and friends so I made it a goal to be better about keeping up this blog. It's a GREAT way to keep in touch. IF any of you family and friends are STILL out there reading... thanks for your love and support!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I started out faithfully blogging then laxed to once a month, I hope I don't end up blogging once a year. What happens in life? I fondly remember thinking how much life would be easier once the kids were old enough to dress and bathe themselves. A good friend of mine who had 8 kids smiled and patiently waited for me to glimpse what her life was like. I am now in the stage she was in at that time and again, I find myself thinking of how much easier life must be when the kids are married and I retire??! I don't want to live for tomorrow. I want to enjoy every second of every minute of TODAY!! I also have a bit more wisdom now to know that life just accelerates and the gaps are filled to the rim. What a rich life! I'm grateful for the old adage: "The older you get, the more you realize how little you know!"

Here's to all of you for this new year of 2011. May it be one of learning, loving, laughing, and lifting. If you logged on to see pictures of our fun Christmas and the New Year's celebrations . . . You will have to wait until I can download my camera which may be in 2012 at the rate life is taking me... I promise to try harder BUT I hope if you took the time to view my blog and read, you will smile and feel uplifted. Happy 2011 Everyone!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The slacker returns . . .

OK - I know our lives have now jumped from June to November. How does that happen??!? Most of you aren't asking because like me, you are just now adjusting to writing 2010 on your checks and in less than 2 months you will have to adjust to writing 2011. OR perhaps you are not writing checks anymore??! Technology can really change a person's life.

Rather than try to catch you up on all that we've accomplished in the last several months. I will share a brief summary of the summer's events - we will then leap into November where we should be. I had to share pictures as it was Kaylee's last summer with us. We took advantage of every moment!

July: Camping, YW Girl's Camp, hike to Naomi Peak, Park City with Whit's family

August: Whit and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary! Whit's weblos hike to hidden lake, Youth Conference in Salt Lake City (I went with the 4 older kids), The Dinosaur Park, Waterskiing at Bear Lake, Jackson Hole with Jack & Terri, School Starts!!

September: Braden's baptism, took Kaylee to BYU-I, football games and dances, basketball starts for Weslie

October: UEA, The Children's Museum and the prophet's graveyard, Kaylee visits (yeah!), The pumpkin walk, corn maze

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer's off with a BANG!

OK - it's already three weeks into summer and we (or I should say "I") haven't been home!! What's wrong with this picture?? The first week of summer was spent moving all my classroom stuff and cleaning up then going to a training seminar for our new reading program (can't wait!). That weekend we took off up to Benjamin's (my brother Brett's oldest child)baptism in Yakima, WA. We met up with my parents and nephew in Mountain Home and had a fun road trip. The scenery was wonderful. When we lived in Lewiston, I had to brag about the drive north - once you get PAST Boise. Kaylee and Kendall headed up to Rock Springs, WY to help Grandpa Jack (Whit's dad) with renovations on Ray's (Jack's father-in-law) house so they did not come with us but they had quite a bit of fun as well.

After Yakima, we headed to Lewiston, ID early in the morning so we could attend sacrament meeting with our old ward. It was so fun to see everyone and we were able to stay for a day and visit with our friends. On our drive home, we just had to take the old road we used to travel so often that goes through McCall and follow the Salmon River. Talk about a river being high!! There were places where the rapids were quite high. It was exciting to see and we miss floating the river with our youth group but not this year!!

We got home from this trip, did some laundry, then we headed up to Park City, UT to spend some time with Whit's mom and step dad. His step dad had been in the hospital for a month so we were so grateful that they were able to spend time with us and that he is doing better. We enjoyed good food, games, and just being together.

Back from Park City, off to Stansbury Park for Davis' farewell!! He's off to Nicaragua!! You better write us bud!

This week I participated in a seminar called NUPATHS. It's funded by the federal government to help teachers master social studies curriculum (esp. US History). It was spectacular! I learned so much about our history, some of which you won't find in textbooks. If I could be a professional student for life, I would. I love learning, discussing, and creating. We also have been quite American by attending baseball and softball games for the kids. You gotta love this cooler weather for those games!

We hope you all are having a terriffic summer! We would love to just travel and spend time with you all. We're there in spirit AND our door is always open to you --that is ... IF we are home!



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