Sunday, September 2, 2012

The past, the present, and the future.

Hey everyone! Here are some things we did this year that were super fun, and really awesome. Spring Break- 2012 for spring break this year we went to the Oregon Coast. It was mostly cold and wet, but everyone still loved it. We stayed in yurts for the first three nights, a cabin the fourth, and we decided to visit our old friends in Lewiston the last night. It was so fun. Some highlights of the trip include going to a light house, visiting an old museum that was all about old cargo ships,seeing seals that were less than 20 feet away, and getting to walk around and under some huge, magestic waterfalls!
A hilarious story, probably the funniest story of our trip, is one of a seven year old boy who loves the beach. The story procedes as the following. Landon, the youngest member of our family, loved walking along the beach. He, Braden, my dad and I would always go looking for seashells, usually after meals. We could go often in this one particular area because our yurt was right by the beach. So, one morning after we had all gotten ready for the day and showered, my little brothers, my dad and I all went down to the beach. While we were there we came up with a game called wait for the waves to come and then run out of their grasp. So while we were playing a particularly large wave came and Landon didn't know where to run. It was too fast. So what he did is climg onto a rock that stood one inch above the ground and wait for it to pass. Well he probably would have been ok if he hadn't decided to make a run for it at the last second. so, as you imagine, the wave knocked him down. As he was getting up another wave washed over him. In the end, my dad ran out to get him, for he could not help himself. It was sad because it was already cold in the morning and he had just gotten soaked! He was shivering as we all tried to hold in our laughter. I feel bad, but it was so funny! He showered and we made hot cocoa. What a morning that was!

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